Saturday, April 30, 2016

ten months

it just doesn't seem real, little panda, that we've known you for ten months. you are so very different from that squishy screaming bundle we brought home from the hospital. i miss her all the time. that little tiny thing that i could scoop up with one hand. the one that never wanted to be set down. but not your daddy. he adores this new and larger you. the one who crawls and babbles and laughs at her own jokes. the one who reaches for us and gives us slobber kisses.

this month you seemed less like a baby and more like a toddler. you understand when we tell you no or that you're being naughty. you make a big sad face at us or throw a toddler sized fit. you like to tell us when you want something by pointing and babbling. you mimic sounds we make and you seem to understand the beginnings of real language. you can drink from your straw cup like a champ and you finally finally can get food bits from your tray to your mouth.

early in the month you decided to break the winning streak of healthy and fall prey to the awful stomach virus. puke for days. literally. but in the midst of lysol-ing every surface and washing errrthing we snuggled and mommy got a taste of that little baby. silver linings. by nature, you are not super cuddlesome. but sick panda? she's all about the snuggles. and we were happy to oblige. daddy followed your lead and also got all the sickness. it was a tough little stretch. but even in the hardest moments i was so thankful to know what you would get better and we would have healthier days soon.

you are just incredibly spoiled. we've really tried to work on this but hot dang it's so hard. you are just so stinkin' cute to us and it's so easy to give such a beauty her every whim. but for real. no one wants you to grow up and be the entitled rude bratty child. least of all me. so we're working on it. slowly.

little panda, you are just so loved. you are beautiful and funny. you laugh at all your own jokes. you are so very sassy and so very sweet. you love your mommy and daddy most but you're also quite fond of your aunt joni and aunt sara. i could eat your entire face because it's just so delicious looking. and baby girl, you'll never have to search farther than my arms for love and acceptance.

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