Thursday, September 26, 2013

thankful thursdays.

i'm over throwback thursday. otherwise known as #tbt. frankly, i don't want to relive the glory days of straight cut bangs, matching cotton shorts outfits, and jellies. oh, you didn't wear that? i'm sorry you weren't cool.

then there's the first two years with braces. and then two more years. oh, you have perfectly straight teeth? good for you.

i digress.

i want to be thankful on thursdays instead. not horrified at my childhood fashion choices displayed on instagram for all to see.

so this thursday i'm thankful for a lot and yet not enough. i'm thankful for my husband. even though he drives me absolutely nuts sometimes. he's so faithful and i'm lucky to have someone so dedicated to glorifying God in marriage.

guys. let's get thankful. #thankfulthursdays

Thursday, September 12, 2013

august as told by september.

last month G and I traveled to New Jersey, the land of my childhood, to say goodbye to my grandmother. we laid these beautiful yellow roses to rest with her. the same type of rose i carried on my wedding day. watching my grandfather toss a rose on his wife's coffin was maybe one of the most beautiful and most tragic things i've ever seen. 
last month we also celebrated my niece's first birthday. a celebration of a long life that lives on in heaven and a new live with well wishes for many years more. my niece's birthday party was maybe one of the loudest events i've been too short of a college football game. truth. 
there was also a wedding for G's cousin thrown in there. and a cookout to christen our new house where G and our brother-in-law created a mini forest fire in the back yard. and now it's time for fall. pumpkin spice everything and leather jackets and football. 
a new season begins. let's go.