Friday, October 30, 2015

four months

little panda,

you are no longer our sleepy little newborn. you are a full-of-sass baby! you love to squeal, gargle your spit, and sit up (with help). you also decided you are too good for room temperature bottles and prefer your milk nicely warmed or else you will spit it all over us.

daddy went out of town very briefly this month, which meant mommy was able to take you to the nursery at church. you were perfectly content with all the other little people there and didn't seem to mind being left with strangers for an hour. i hope this is a good omen for daycare because honestly...i'm dreading the daycare days with everything i have. i'm just not ready for you to spend all day every day at daycare and not at home. somebody hold ME! the mommy can't deal.

you have turned into such a happy little puppy and i finally understand why people are crazy enough to have multiple children. i'm all like let's go back to the zombie days to have that tiny baby back! jay kay. those days were tuff. i mean, child, your first months of life were so hard and exhausting and every day felt like i was barely scraping by. but we're best buds now and no one wants to ruin that. and you are just so fun to be around. 

on the other hand, i'm still thinking that you might be our only tiny baby and so it's been really hard for me to watch you grow up. i daydream about when you can talk and walk and do big kid things with me. but hot dang, i just want to cuddle your tiny body forever. hashtag thigh rolls for prez.

your chubbiness has made you a pretty strong baby and i won't be surprised if you're an early crawler and early walker. you are also proof that biracial babies are THE BEST LOOKING people ever.  i'm serious. tiger woods being the exception to that rule. your daddy continues to be your favorite person to look at. he's also the best at getting you to laugh. you like being active and doing your own thang sometimes but when you're sleepy you still love snuggles and quiet time rocking. bedtime, which used to be the bane of your short existence, is now your favorite time of day. except baths. you love a bath. i don't know if it's the nakedness or the splashing or what. but a bath can solve any problem you've got. 

you are smart, sometimes serious, sometimes giggly, opinionated, determined, and absolutely gorgeous.