Wednesday, January 28, 2015

sweet baby rae

last weekend i was lucky enough to get to shoot baby rae's "newborn" session. normally, i am not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to baby shoots. babies are unpredictable. but this turned into one of the easiest sessions ever.  she was an absolute champ with wardrobe changes, naked photos, and being posed. 

baby girl, what i'm trying to say is, i will take your picture any time. 

i mean. seriously. how can you look at that last image and not totally melt? amiright?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

week 15

the bump made its grand appearance. it is not a beautiful round mound of babyness. oh no. instead it is a pooch of what appears to be too many candy bars. i feel this is a typical stage of pregnancy. the stage of "no, i'm not JUST getting fat, there's also a person in there". however. i suppose there is a lingering chance that the baby bump could be the result of too many candy bars. regardless, i need new jeans.

also, high fives all around. i've remembered to take my prenatal vitamins at least 80% of the time for the last week. i mean. this is a massive victory for me. there are many things to remember in pregnancy and unfortunately, taking vitamins daily is not at the top of ma list.

in general i am feeling like an actual real human being again. for much of the first trimester i was convinced that pregnancy was a time with you were resigned to feel like angry aliens invaded your body for their own personal brand of torture whilst you simultaneously had to pretend to be overjoyed.

baby size: 4 inches and 2.5 ounces...the size of an apple

weight gain: we don't own a scale.

craving: ironically, fruit. fruit and protein (peanut butter, nuts). however, i think this craving has a lot to do with the fact that neither fruit or protein make me feel like i'm going to die and gluten and fried foods make me feel like i've been poisoned.

can't even: the smell of meat and b.o. are still instruments of satan in my life. also, quit asking me the nugget's name. a) we will tell you when we want to. b) noneya. c) his/her name is nugget. duh.

loving: i will take this golden opportunity to say that G's been a good sport in light of my ever changing moods and has been as helpful as he can possibly be.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

week 14

in a great burst of novel inspiration, i've decided to blog about pregnancy. because, you know, the internets isn't already full of stay-at-home moms with beautiful round bellies and glowing faces telling of the wonders and joys of growing a new life within their lovely womb. yet while i applaud these women, i must stand far off from them lest i get a sunburn from the shine of their pregnancy glow. so i thought i would add my take on the matter. it is not eloquent. but it is honest.

do i love pregnancy? so far that's a resounding "no". if i could i would gladly export my uterus from my insides to G's and let him experience the beauty of growing a human.

today i say goodbye to the first trimester with a face full of hope turned toward trimester two. first trimester, you brought me full body hives, all day "morning" sickness, tailbone pain, and general discontent with the world. i'm done with you.

i have gained exactly zero pounds thus far. this is my victory of trimester one - hope that i might not look like violet the blueberry from willy wonka at the end of this baby growing extravaganza. my baby bump is actually last night's dinner refusing to do anything except expand like rice in a bird's stomach.

furthermore, clear skin. can i get some praisy hand emojis on that one? my usually dry, flaky, sometimes oily, always combative winter skin is being unusually tame. thank you, pregnancy hormones for getting this one thing right. i love you. wait.

finally. the low down.

baby size: a lemon.

weight gain: 0, but the nugget measured perfectly at our thirteen week visit.

craving: was salt with a side of salt (pickles, chips, popcorn). moving toward cold and sweet (fruit, icecream).

can't even: the smells. oh, the smells. refridgerated food and meat are both toally gag worthy. but the worst of all is onions. also b.o. normally, i am a hugging type person. but seriously, if you smell like anything but happiness, rainbows, and fields of flowers do not get near me.

loving: um. well there's... also... hmm... but for real. dreaming up a nursery (white on white on white). maybe not loving, but entertained by weird pregnancy dreams (especially the one where i was a rapper).