Monday, December 29, 2014


for many months, probably since my grandfather died in february, i have felt the quiet breath of God whisper to me over and over, "i am for you. i am with you. i will never leave you". to which, i've replied, "i know" like a flippant teenager more times than i care to admit.

but then the advent season came, the time to prepare our hearts and minds to accept the weight of glory that God wrapped himself in flesh to live and die as one of us. emmanuel. god with us.

and simultaneously life went haywire resulting in me feeling more alone, abandoned, and betrayed than i have in a very long time.

i am for you. i am with you. i will never leave you.

i'm clinging to those words now. some days hanging on to them with everything i have left because it feels like all i have. and even though i have so much more than the promise of emmanuel, isn't that all i really need?