Tuesday, July 16, 2013


G and I are very blessed to have lots of loving family. My family is on the small side. I'd like to say we're really tight-knit, but we're not. G's family is huge. And for the most part, his family is pretty close.

In June we celebrated his cousin's wedding. This is G's sweet cousin, a bridesmaid on the lovely day and sister to the groom.
The day after the wedding, we jumped in the car and drove almost 10 hours north to New Jersey to be with my very ill grandfather. Time. I wish I had more of it. I wish I hadn't taken so much of it for granted.
We went to check out some fireworks with both sets of parents and my little brother on July 4. And all I got was this lousy picture of some ducks. It's been raining a lot in NC. 
G and I are also lucky to have both sets of parents close by and on great terms with one another. Not everyone gets that and I know what a gift that is to us. Thanks Mom and Dad S. and Mom and Dad R. for being team A+G.

How's that for a random blog update?