Saturday, January 30, 2016

seven months

my little love,
i can hardly comprehend how quickly we are barreling towards your first birthday. every day seems like a milestone. i constantly find myself just trying to hang on to the moment for just a moment longer because i know i'm going to blink and you'll be five. your daddy scolds me because he thinks i don't want to you to grow up but the truth is, i just want to hang on to these baby days just a few days more.

since we are rebels and the american academy of pediatrics' ban on walkers is meaningless to us, we let you trot around in your walker all the time. you love this activity almost as much as cuddling and sometimes maybe even more. you follow us room to room and play bumper cars with anything in your way, including our ankles and the dog. as a result of the walker, you are really good at assisted walking but crawling continues to be the thorn in your side. you want to, you understand the basic mechanics, you just cannot get your chubby little limbs to cooperate. one day, panda girl. just keep trying.

in typical new parent/first child fashion, i am extremely picky about what you eat. i'm that person. "oh, she doesn't eat grains and we only feed her organic and non-gmo." i also somehow convinced your daddy that you'd be vegetarian until your first birthday. i'm telling you this because someday, if you have a younger sibling, they'll probably be allowed to eat cheez-its as soon as they can suck on a cracker and it will seem massively unfair that at that point and time it will also be your first cheez-it as well. it's not fair. but you're the first and thus you are our guinea pig.

you are finally starting to love me as much as you love your daddy. you are still a daddy's girl and no one can make you laugh like him. but there are some days when you just want your mama and daddy isn't cutting it. hashtag favorite parent wars. you'll probably always be a daddy's girl but the fact that i'm even in the race gives me all the feelings. i feel sorry for boyfriends of the distant future because daddy will always be a panda daddy and those days will most certainly be some of the most embarrassing of your life. because we love you. duh.

panda girl, i don't care if you grow up to be valedictorian of an ivy league, i just want you to be intelligent and use your smarts for good in this world. i don't care if you grow up to be rich, i just want you to be generous. i don't care if you grow up to be a stunning beauty (even though i know you will), i just never want you to use your beauty to make others feel inferior. i want you to be kind. i want you to see the needs of others. i want you to be humble. i want you to be thankful. you've got it all, baby girl. the world is your little oyster. and your daddy and i would lasso the moon and give it to you with a pretty pink ribbon if we could. but most of all, we want you to love jesus, know his love, and love like he does.