Monday, April 28, 2014

G is for Gatsby

G turned the big 3-0 recently. G is a simple person. He doesn't ask for lots of attention. He would have been content to spend his birthday quietly with his family and maybe a few friends. But I really wanted to live it up because you only turn 30 once. And G deserved a day all about him. So I planned and invited and pinned a black and gold Gatsby inspired party. 

bow tie for him. sequins for me.

it was perfect. every single person dressed up in 1920's inspired or cocktail attire. it was a very fancy party.

I didn't break out the camera until half the guests had left. as awesome as these people look, the best dressed couple left earlier in the evening. complete with wig and firearm.

if i could change one thing about the party it would be adding an official hashtag. because there was a lot of phoning taking place.




happy birthday to my G. you look mighty fine in that bow tie. and i love you.