Wednesday, December 30, 2015

six months

panda girl, you have turned into a full-of-personality person.

you don't really care if you're an expert at anything but you want to try everything. i joke that you are going to be an amateur at everything and master of nothing. you are an excellent rolling wonder but you are too busy trying to sit, crawl, stand, and talk simultaneously to really settle down and learn any one new trick. where i am careful and dry, you are impetuous and outgoing like your daddy.

at 26 weeks old exactly you sprouted your first tooth. and honey child. we have been battling the sleeplessness and teething rage like whoa. somehow in all this craziness your weary parents have retained some semblance of humanity but only just. be kind to us in the new year.

"weaning" you off of anything is really a pointless endeavor and it's amazing that i continue to devote so much thought and time to such a meaningless task. you are already over the bottle and only continue to drink it because my will remains just strong enough to subdue you. food, however, is your jam and you are all about it. i really think you are weaning us off the bottle. also, you went cold turkey on the swaddle. we kept the swaddle forevvvaaa because flailing about. i tried to slowly work you off the swaddle but you find delicate weaning confusing and irritating and so finally we went cold turkey and just like that you are no longer a swaddle baby.

you are however a blanket baby and a lovey baby. i invite anyone who thinks i'm a bad parent for giving you these nighttime miracle items in the crib to spend the night with us and rock your screaming form for hours to not avail. please. i beg you.

you like people. you made it through the holidays like a champ. you are obviously a spoiled only child who gets toted about and cuddled all ze time. but you handled being passed around to rando people and schedule chaos like a champ. i mean, you'll probably never sleep 10 hours straight but at this point who's counting. you smiled and cooed and let people smother you with all their christmas joy.

speaking of christmas, i can't even tell you how christmas with a baby gave me all the feels. i've never been so exhausted during christmas break and yet so overwhelmingly happy. you are not old enough to understand presents or the "reason for the season" but you pulled at wrapping paper and sat with us while we opened your gifts and played with some of your toys. but mostly you sat there and let us squeeze you right to the point of insanity and gush over your beauty and our good fortune.

i am already embarrassingly proud of you. i do a decent job of refraining from posting a million blurry phone photos to the internets but it doesn't stop me from taking them. i find you to be heartbreakingly beautiful, hilarious, and extremely charismatic. i realize i am extremely biased and that my love for you is sickeningly sweet but panda, you are amazeballs and i can't get enough.

it's so bittersweet watching you grow. i love each new phase and yet miss all those moments that are gone forever. please slow your {thigh} rolls from all the growing. i mean...keep growing. just not so stinkin' fast. i just can't.

you are loved so deep and so wide. and i'm just so thankful that you're mine.