Tuesday, June 4, 2013

we made it.

we celebrated the closing on our new home the same week we celebrated one year of marriage.
in the spirit of keeping it real. marriage is tough. sometimes it's so tough that you think you can't make it. sometimes it's so tough that you don't want to.
see that smiling face in the background? she's my best friend. i got to spend time with her this past week (a real luxury these days as she lives in a different state). she's always rooted for me and G. even when we weren't rooting for ourselves. here's a real nugget of truth. marriage isn't an island. and it's okay to talk about the yucky bits with people that will always fight with you to help your marriage.
don't read me the wrong way. G and i are totally thrilled that we're married. we don't regret that decision one teensy bit. but it's not all flowers and sunshine. and we're proud of ourselves for making it through the ugly times with love in our hearts. (can i get an "amen" from the married folks?)
so here's to the first year. to all the things we've learned about sharing and sacrifice and commitment. to all the fun we've had and to all the hard things we've walked through together.
i married a freakin' awesome man. he's so tall and handsome and full of love. we make a great team and i'm so excited for whatever comes next. spoiler alert. years 2-5 of marriage don't include babies.

Monday, June 3, 2013


sorry for my absence. again. but are you ready for the biggest news of all?

we bought a house.

 buying a house was a really big deal for me. not because of the cost. because of the commitment to put down any roots in the town we're from. it's not a bad place to be from. but it's taken me a very, very long time to admit that this town isn't a total craphole.
 and well i was tired of feeling like i was living for the next thing. so i decided to start grad school. and G and i decided to buy a house. and you know what? it feels great.
and i'm grateful. i'm grateful that i've discovered that buying a house and making a life here is a blessing not a curse. i'm grateful for family and friends to cheer us on and help us out. i'm grateful to just have a home to call my own when so many don't. life will always be tough. there will always be hard things. but right now, life feels luxurious.