Thursday, January 16, 2014

the prayer i didn't pray

i'm not typically a procrastinator, especially when it concerns school. 
just ask G. he will gladly recount the many times i've placed school related activities at such a high premium that i forgot he even existed. i jest. mostly.

however, the winter break inspired a complacency within me that even sloths would scoff at. 
and in the haze of christmas joy i procrastinated in ordering my spring textbooks.
until two weeks before school. which i really didn't think would be an issue thanks to amazon prime and free two day shipping. 

only the texts i needed were unavailable for two day shipping.

alas, i placed my order through my school's online bookstore a full 10 days before the start of spring classes and expected both of them to arrive in plenty of time. except that 4 days later, the aforementioned bookstore unexpectedly cancelled my order.

um, thanks?

so i did what any rational adult would do. i panicked. and i cried. until finally i was forced to place another order and concede that i would not receive one of my texts in time for the first day of class. maybe not even the first week of class.

which led to more crying and more panicking. it's just a book. and i thought my whole educational career was crumbling at my feet.

so i prayed about it. except i didn't pray about it. i didn't even think about praying about it.

and then two days later...

my package arrived. it was sent priority two day even though i had been told that wasn't an option

and God whispered to me beautiful words about trust and faithfulness through that padded envelope.

and even James the kitty rejoiced over the grace of God demonstrated through two day priority mail.

i'm thankful that God is faithful even when i'm not paying attention. that he gives good gifts. the very best gifts. and i'm thankful that God used priority two day shipping to remind me that he loves me.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

a new year

i obviously have been slacking on the #thankfulthursdays posts.

i'm sorry.

so to start it off i'm thankful for these ladies.

marriage has brought some awesome people into my life. i love the sisters that i've gained by marrying G. but these ladycakes are also like sisters to me. and i love them! 

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

christmas 2013

since it's january and you're all thinking about health for the next few weeks, i thought i'd remind you of all the yummy memories of christmas. cookies and cakes and candy and carbs. oh my.

G and I made a quick trip to Asheville, North Carolina with our friends/cousins to see the most amazing gingerbread houses. this is edible! this gingerbread "house" was one of the most detailed bits of food i have ever seen. 

i got sick. i even went to the doctor. i almost never get sick. and even when i do i refuse to admit it. 

but then i made cookies and all was well in the world. chocolate and gluten? yes!

G and I spent Christmas Eve at church. we were fortunate enough to be on band for Christmas Services. it was awesome to serve with our church. it was also awesome that both sides of our family were able to come and worship with us.

this little gem is my christmas present from G. we made the decision to only give each other one gift this year. to help us remember that christmas isn't about gifts. to help us remember the one most precious gift of our Savior. and to help us be grateful with less in a world demanding more.

per usual, G still outdid me and bought me a diamond while i bought him a coat.

but it was still a simple christmas. and i loved that. i hope your holidays were merry and bright. here's to a new year full of possibilities!