Thursday, October 16, 2014


hi internet friends. the truth is i have had zero time to update you on le blog in the midst of work, school, life, etc. but i haven't forgotten about you AND i wanted to share an awesome opportunity with you.

my birthday is coming up in november. i'll be turning 28! and while that is so amazing there are literally thousands, maybe millions, of people around the world that will never see their 28th birthday due to water-related disease. developing countries only dream of clean water. mothers watch their children bathe in and drink water that they know is deadly. because they have no other choice.

let's give them a choice. let's give them hope in the form of clean water, shall we?

instead of presents or well wishes, this year i'm asking you for clean water for my birthday. i am pledging my birthday to charity: water in the hopes that i will raise $280 that will go toward providing clean water to a community in Ethiopia. what is even more exciting is that right now Keurig is going to double your donation. double. that's amazing.

will you consider visiting my birthday campaign to learn more about how you can help change the world with clean water? will you consider sharing this post or my birthday campaign on your own facebook, blog, twitter? will you consider making a donation to my campaign? don't think i don't want your money. i do. i'll take a dollar. because a dollar could change a life.

here's the facts:
100% of your donation will go directly to funding clean water in Ethiopia.
actually 200% of your donation will go to clean water in Ethiopia, because of Keurig's generous donation in your honor.
water related disease kills over 3.4 million people every year.
that's way higher than the number of people that are killed by war or violence every year.
lack of access to clean water supports gender inequality in developing nations.

right now, in honor of #thankfulthursdays i'm running a super awesome contest to kick off my birthday campaign. the first person to make a donation of $10 or more to my birthday campaign will win a $5 Starbucks gift card. the first person to make a donation of $20 or more will win a $10 Starbucks gift card.

for the duration of my campaign i'm asking you to share share share the hashtag #amandawantswater. if you share your donation with #amandawantswater, you will receive a special thank you from me!

i'm so thankful for clean water. i hope i never take it for granted. will you help me give that gift to a community in Ethiopia for my 28th birthday?