Tuesday, March 1, 2016

eight months

panda babe,

lately, i can't help but constantly think about how blessed we are that you have had such a healthy little life so far. even though teething has been really tough for you, you've been a champ. the only sickness you've suffered is a minor cold. you've yet to have a fever and other than your super sensitive skin you are just the healthiest little chub ever. there are so many other mommies and daddies out there with babes that are desperate for healing. sometimes the only cure is heaven. your health is a gift from God, little one. don't ever take it for granted.

you are finally a mama's girl. you say mama and beg to be held. you continue to be the most highly co-dependent baby, which your daddy says you get from yours truly. but i don't care. it just means we get all the snuggles while daddy has to sit by his lonesome. you also say dada and it's pretty obvious that you actually understand that those are our names. i think you also make a tsk sound to mean #jamesthekitty. but let's face it. mama is finally your favorite and that's all that matters.

knock on wood. it is getting easier to take you places. for a long time, adventures in public turned into epic disasters where we'd have to leave early and then hole up for weeks for fear the uncontrollable screaming would recommence. this is not an exaggeration. but recently we've been getting comments like, is she always this good? which just feels like we've reached the pinnacle of parenting success. keep it up, #rowenugget! i mean....you still like to keep us on our toes with the random fit to remind us that you are a diva. but in general, you're happy and sweet.

we are so in love with you. the way you laugh at yourself. your fear of beards. morning smiles that make us feel like we've just seen a shooting star. how you try to contribute to conversations with your baby babble. watching you zoom in your walker and splash in your bath. slobber kisses and neck hugs. you are the best person in our family.

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